Natural Language

Our software can understand natural language: you can ask questions as if you were asking a colleague

Tailor-made for you!

Socrates is trained to understand the context in which your company operates, to ensure you get precise and accurate answers

Freedom of Governance

Don't worry about reorganizing your data: Socrate synchronizes with your data wherever it is!


A Google for your company

Socrates is a Google-like search engine, but if Google finds information on the public Web, Socrates searches within your company documentation.

Increases the shareability

Socrate allows you to share your corporate knowledge base more efficiently, saving you time and effort

Seamless Integration

Socrates can be integrated directly into the document management systems you already use or it can be used as a standalone platform


Don't give up on privacy

Imagine your data as a valuable treasure: Socrate offers you the guarantee that it will remain safe and under your control. With Socrate, you can harness the power of AI to find what you're looking for without sacrificing the security and privacy of your data.

Stay in charge

Don't compromise: Socrate does not store or duplicate your data but only accesses it when a search is performed

Your data stays with you

Do not lose control over your data: it will always stay with you and will not be moved or copied by Socrate at any time


What really sets us apart from others?

Socrate stands out for its extraordinary but simple integration with a wide range of data sources. While other solutions often require the company to invest time and effort in developing modules to connect data to the search engine, as well as synchronization modules for updates, Socrate stands out as the innovative alternative.

How others do it

The other solutions often require to invest time and energy in developing modules to connect data and the search engine in addition to synchronization modules for updates.

How we do it

Socrate is able to connect directly to the data and not vice versa, providing maximum flexibility and control over data and leaving all decisions in your own hands.


Share your knowledge base, wherever it is

Save more than 30% of your time: with Socrate, you can easily access and compare information from multiple sources, without having to switch from one software to another

Search everywhere, in one place

Can't remember if the instructions are on the company server or in a document in your Drive? Socrates simplifies things by searching everywhere there is a textual data stream

Custom application?

Don't worry! We give you the ability to create your own connector and link it to Socrates

Get more out of your textual data.