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Informative Description informativaCompany's Informative
a) company's date and place of establishment, notary's name and addressThe company was established on September 30, 2021, in Parma, with notary public Dr. Alfredo D'Antonio officiating, whose office is located in Parma.
b) main office and any branch officesCorso Garibaldi, 111 Fiorenzuola d’Arda, 29017 PC (main office)
c) corporate objectThe company's core business include the following activities, to be carried out directly or through controlled companies:

- The development, production, and marketing of innovative software products, both in Italy and abroad, with particular reference, but not limited to, mobile applications, digital platforms, and management software.
- Provision of specialized consultancy services in the analysis and optimization of industrial processes, management and organizational issues, assistance to companies in e-commerce, and the development of their growth plans.
- Digital marketing services for businesses through the development and positioning of digital applications.
- Training and consultancy activities in the digital sector, also through collaboration with industries, universities, and research centers.
- Sale of computer solutions based on market software.

For the sole purpose of achieving the corporate purpose, the company may carry out, within the limits, conditions, and authorizations provided by law, commercial, industrial, movable, and immovable operations related to its main activities, including the acquisition of stakes in other companies or businesses with similar, related, or connected purposes, provided that it does not modify the corporate purpose, activities to be carried out not towards the public and secondarily (not predominantly), and excluding, in any case, all reserved activities as per laws n. 12/1979, n. 1966/1939, n. 1815/1939, Legislative Decree n. 58/1998, and Legislative Decree n. 385/1993.
d) brief description of the activity carried outDevelopment, production, and commercialization of innovative software products.
e) list of partners Karandip Singh, Matteo Camminati and S2Capital SRL
f) list of participated companiesS2Capital SRL
g) Indication of the educational qualifications and professional experience of the partners and staff working in the innovative start-up (excluding any sensitive data)Karandip Singh: Graduated from a technical institute in computer science. Work experience in Research and Development (R&D) field.

Matteo Camminati: Holds a degree in Economics. Work experience in sales and commercial field.
h) Indication of the existence of professional, collaborative or business relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centersCollaboration ongoing with Le Village Parma by Crédit Agricole;

Acceleration program completed with B4i (Bocconi 4 Innovation).
Pursuant to Article 25, Paragraph 11 of Decree-Law 179/2012, the undersigned Karandip Singh, in his capacity as legal representative of the company, hereby authorizes the republication free of charge by third parties of the data and information contained in this table and in the documents linked to it, provided that the republication carried out by third parties meets needs and purposes not contrary to current legislation; does not result in violation of the rights guaranteed by the current Code on the Protection of Personal Data, as per Legislative Decree 196/2003, to the owners of the republished data.
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